Lotus Elan Sales

The original Elan was introduced in 1962 as a roadster. although an optional hardtop was offered in 1963 and a coupé version in 1965. The two seat Lotus Elan replaced the elegant Lotus Elite. It was the first Lotus road car to use the now famous steel backbone sub-frame with a fiberglass body. At 1,500 lb (680 kg), the Elan embodied the Colin Chapman minimum weight design philosophy. Initial versions of the Elan were also available as a kit to be assembled by the customer. The Elan was technologically advanced with a twin-cam 1558 cc engine, 4-wheel disc brakes, and 4-wheel Independent Suspension. The Lotus Ford twin-cam engine was based on Ford’s Pre-Cross-flow 4 cylinder 1500 cc engine, with a Lotus-inspired Cosworth alloy twin-cam head. This Lotus-Ford 4-cylinder engine would go on to be used in a number of Lotus production and racing models.

We have bought and sold hundreds of Elans over the past 38 years from barn finds to concours models and are always keen to find similar examples. Please contact us if you wish to sell your Elan and we can discuss a variety of options and choose whichever suits you best.