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Lambretta SX200 Special, 1966.


Lambretta SX200 Special, 1966.   Chassis Number:  SX200841118 and in very original with original chassis and engine numbers.  I bought my first Lambretta in 1966 when starting my engineering apprenticeship when I was a teenager.  It was a Lambretta GT200, but my friend had the holy grail the SX200 which I could not quite afford on a weekly wage of Three Pounds, Fifteen Shillings and Seven Pence with accommodation costing me £4 per week in Swinging Sixties Dover. Luckily I managed to get a £4 a week apprentice’s grant to keep me afloat.  I promised myself one day I would own the Holy Grail.    It took me 56 years to get hold of the coveted SX200!    I have decided to move this very characterful scooter on, as I am now totally engrossed in four-wheeled machinery!    I have only ridden it around our premises once and it kicked started immediately with that distinctive exhaust note from the punchy 198cc engine.  Looking for a good home.  Delivery in the U.K. free of charge.

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