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Peerless Phase 1 2.0L GT, 1958.   


Notes from previous owner:

PEERLESS: This is a 1958 phase 1  car so I imagine it  technically qualifies for Classic Le Mans on the basis that a Peerless finished overall 16th that year and won its class – although it would be a shame if the old lady were to be converted to a race car. These cars were I suppose quite technically advanced for the time with spaceframe chassis, fibreglass bodies and De Dion rear axles – certainly more so than the TR3s from which they took their engines , gearboxes (with o/d on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears by the way)  and front suspension. Unlike some competitors these were never kit cars, each of the 300 or so manufactured being factory built. As you probably know, part of the team who designed it  later went on to produce the Gordon Keeble cars.

My  car changed hands it would appear once or twice in its early years but after that it was owned and cherished by two long term owners for over 50 years , both being absolutely committed to keeping the car in its original state and doing everything it needed maintenance wise  without regard to cost. I personally  knew the second of these two fastidious guys and had driven the car once or twice when he had it. I can speak myself therefore as to how well he looked after it. The owner prior to him was an RAF aircraft engineer which almost speaks for itself.

When the last owner Richard ran out of space and had most reluctantly to sell the Peerless 3 or 4 years back I bought it. Since then I have endeavoured to maintain it in the same way but, although I was almost scared to touch it, I have made a handful of cosmetic improvements (most reversible if desired)

  • The P  grill had a crack so I installed a replacement one, available through the Club
  • I repainted the four  quarter  bumpers
  • The original interior  carpeting was almost threadbare but using that as a template I had new  carpeting and transmission tunnel covering made up to exactly the  same spec and colour as  the originals including the  piping and the leatherwork around the  handbrake and gear lever gaiters
  • The boot was uncarpeted and I remedied that
  • The sills on a phase 1 are aluminium and cover the  twin petrol  tanks that run along each side of the car. These had got a bit scuffed and dull over  the decades so I covered them in Hardura in the colour and with the piping matching the carpeting. That can come off easily if someone preferred the original look
  • When I got the car it still had its narrow TR3 steel wheels with 50s period Ace trims ,  which I have seen on other Peerless and Warwick cars. The wheels themselves (behind the trims) were not in great  condition so, although I have retained them and the trims, I replaced them on the car with later TR steel wheels and tyres which are  undoubtedly safer and fill the  arches better. That too can however be easily reversed

The car otherwise is pretty much as it  left the  factory. I personally don’t believe it has ever seen any paint or, if it has, it can only have been once and in exactly the same original factory Teal green colour. It   has a nice patina and none really of the stars and cracks you can find on these old fibreglass cars. If you look along the flanks you might just detect a slight rippling. That could be sorted on a repaint but personally I wouldn’t touch it. The car is completely unrestored and the engine has never to the  best of  my knowledge been rebuilt. As you will know these early TR engines   (tractor engines if you like ) are virtually unburstable. I have done several classic car tours in the  car and it has run impeccably. It will also run all day at 70/80 MPH  in overdrive top should you want to drive on motorways – although I can’t think why anyone would!

It comes with its original buff log book and even its original Peerless Owner’s Manual plus a very substantial history file. The file, going back 50 years, contains interesting hand written notes from the first of the two long term owners, various photographs of the car, copies of magazine articles on it and a CD Rom of photos

Engine overhaul in February 2024.  Various rallies entered successfully in the last 12 months.

Comes fully serviced and with  a new MOT certificate.



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